Why Us

SAMAARAMBH Solar Power has identified 5 core values and works towards inculcating these in its day-to-day working:

1. Customer is Supreme

We understand and anticipate customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.

We aggressively pursue new business, determined to add value for our customers with ingenuity, determination and a positive approach to every task, a ‘can-do’ spirit.

We always ask “How can we serve our customers best?”

2. Live Quality

We nurture quality as an attitude at SAMAARAMBH.

We are quality driven and “Apply a Quality Minded Approach to everything we do”.

We are passionate about quality and its continuous improvement through teamwork.

3. Encourage Creativity & Innovation To Drive 3 ‘P’s (People, Processes And Products)

We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of best practices throughout our organization.

We aggressively pursue new business, determined to add value for our customers with ingenuity, determination and a positive approach to every task, a ‘can-do’ spirit, and a restless determination to continually improve and excel.

We utilize our ability to combine strength with speed in responding enthusiastically to every new opportunity and every new challenge.

We encourage and inspire learning amongst our people.

4. Respect For Individual

We have a strong belief that our employees are the most valued assets of our company, and they are essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission.

We inspire, empower and enable people to achieve high expectations, standards and opportunity and every new challenge.

We support mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with our stakeholders.

We treat all people with dignity and courtesy.

5. Respect For Work-Place Ethics

Work smartly with passion, integrity, conviction and commitment.

We work in team with a shared purpose and value individual ability and diversity as essential to promote harmony and open communication. Each of us succeeds individually – when we as a team achieve success.

We respect and adhere to company policies, systems and procedures.

We will be well informed and respect the regulations, rules, and compliance issues that apply to our businesses around the world.

We respect the values and cultures of the communities in which we operate.

Director’s Message:

Success is achieved by excellent strategy and determined hard work. Indian infrastructure market is the 2nd largest in the world and being a part of this industry, challenges and opportunities are seen walking hand in hand. Samaarambh started its operations with providing IT/Software Design & Development and in a short span has grown as a leading service provider of Solar, Staffing and Lift & Cranes i.e Samaarambh Techno-Management Private Limited, Samaarambh Staffing Solutions, Samaarambh Solar Power Private Limited, Samaarambh Lift Well & Cranes. Samaarambh Solar now looks far into the future, driven by the vision of becoming a brand which is reckoned with industrial infrastructure sector. Today we have successfully completed projects in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi etc. Currently we are undertaking a low cost housing project for Solar Photovoltaic electricity power plants, Solar fencing, Garden lights etc. We have also been working since inception with clients like Tata Solar Power, Ritika, Navitas Solar, Minda Solar to name a few. India has huge demand for power consumption and with growing demand, alternate energy manufacturing is becoming a crucial market. Today solar power generation is been seen an eminent resource and Samaarambh Solar Power is working with many Solar EPC, supplying solar mounting structures. Our aim now is to sustain our growth by providing high quality products, best solution & customer services and customization. We have top line PUF, continuous panel production machine, Roll forming machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, Galvanizing and powder coating units. The success and eminence of Satec Envir Engineering began with a dream of engineering excellence of one person and now has transformed into a reality of many. Today as we again strive to accomplish new heights, let’s set new goals and make the impossible possible.

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