Solar Inverter

Types of Solar Inverters –

1. String Inverters

These are the most common type of inverter used for residential purposes. All the solar inverters above are basically a string inverters. It is called a string inverter because there is a large number of strings are connected on them.

2. Central Inverters

There are a large variety of inverters that are used for the solar systems in the few megawatts to the hundreds of kilowatts. Central Inverters look like big metal cabinets. It can handle up to 500kW per enclosure. They are not suitable for homes and generally used for utility-scale solar farms or large commercial installations.

3. Microinverters

Micro inverters are basically tiny solar inverters about the size of the paperback book. For this, you need one paperback book per solar panel. There are various advantages of micro inverters where they optimize each solar panel individually. It delivers more energy especially if you have partial shade conditions. In this, the emphasis is only one inverter that you keep first on the list.

4. Hybrid Inverters

It is also known as multi-mode inverters. It allows you to plug batteries into your solar power system. This inverter interfaces the battery by using a technique called ‘DC coupling’. Electronics coordinate the discharging and charging of the battery. There is a fairly limited choice on the hybrid inverters. We have listed all the ones. Check it out if you consider buying several batteries connected with your solar power system.

5. Battery Inverters

If you want to retrofit batteries to your solar power system or simply keep your battery system separate from your solar panels. Then for this, separate battery inverter is the best choice. It simply converts your battery power into the 230V AC. Then it feeds it into your switchboard where you require grid power if possible.

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