Solar Home Lightening System

Solar Home Lightening System

The Solar Home Lighting System is a pre-packaged control unit designed for lighting rural/semi-urban homes and shops, it is also ideal for camps and expedition). Solar home lighting systems are ideal sources for providing indoor illumination in remote areas and un-electrified villages. Light produced is bright enough for domestic as well as commercial applications.

Whether it is a solar street light, lantern or wall light, a solar lighting system follows the same process. A small solar lighting system is ideally suited for a house of 4 people, lighting 2-4 lamps for up to 4 hours daily. Such a solar home lighting solution can help save approximately Rs 7200 worth of kerosene while saving carbon emissions equivalent of burning approximately 240 liters of kerosene.

1. When the sun’s radiation falls on a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, current is generated.

2. The current produced from the PV panels is controlled and regulated by an inbuilt/standalone charge controller/inverter. The inverter sends the current to charge the battery.

3. When the connected appliances are switched on, the charge controller/inverter also helps regulate the current from the battery, sending it to the output appliance to provide light and energy.

Features & Benefits of Solar Home Lighting System

• Charging through Solar Panel

• No need of electricity.

• Long lasting LEDs for increased life and superior comfort.

• Easy to install, Ergonomic and flexible Design.

• High efficiency 10Wp Solar panel.

• LEDs have Life more than 50,000 Hours.

• 2 USB socket will help in charging Mobiles/Laptops (Multiple Pins provided).

• One Full day charging will give about 12 Hours of Lighting and 2 Mobile charging.

• 3 LED indicator lights show battery level while working.

• They last for a long time and require little maintenance once installed

• Environment friendly

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