Solar Fencing

Solar Fencing

We are counted as one of the leading suppliers of the premium quality of Solar Power Fencing System; Manufactured by using latest machinery. The Solar Security Electric Fence system is a modern day alternative to conventional methods of fencing to protect your crops & property. People from 162+ countries are using this safety technics to their home, farms, farm houses, petrol pumps, godowns, offices and other area where they need the active securities. Electric Fence is an effective way to reducing losses caused by animals and human intervention.

It is an active security fencing and is highly durable with the life of more than 15 years. It is cheaper than conventional fencing and infinitely secured as compared to classing passive fencing.

Matching up with the exact requirements of customers, we are involved in presenting a wide array of Solar Power Fencing System.

Solar Fencing

Other information

  • Solar Power Fencing System is used to protect the places or premises like houses, factories, godowns, Real estate, agriculture, commercial establishments etc. from intruders, thieves, burglars etc.
  • The solar power fencing system are having 2 units i.e. Fixed Unit, variable Unit.Fixed Unit: Solar Panel, Battery, Energizer, Alarm, Hooter will come under fixed units and generally doesn’t vary up to some distance.Variable Unit: Poles, Fence wire, Insulators, Wire Tightner, Joint Clamps, Earth Kit etc., will come under variable unit. This variable unit varies as per the distance of the fence required.
  • Generally the solar fence is laid above the compound wall or the ground level. The different types of solar fence include agricultural fence, domestic fence, high security fence etc.


  • Totally automatic system
  • Automatic start with the Sun’s down and get off by the Rise of Sun.
  • Also can make it on 24 hours mode.
  • Very easy to install
  • Longer working life
  • Requires very less maintenance
  • Give an electric shock to the stray animals.
  • Not harmful for human beings

Solar Fencing

Solar Fencing


When properly designed and installed, an electric security fence is the least expensive, safest, and most secure method for securing property and lives when compared to walls, other types of fences, human guards, and watchdogs. The fence does NOT sleep. The fence CANNOT be bribed. The fence does NOT require food or water. A well-designed electric fence has more deterrence value than a guard with a sawed off shotgun or a snarling pit bull.

If you have security guards, you can pay for and justify the fence by reducing at least half of your guard force and still maintain a much higher security level. The remaining guards can respond quickly before an intruder even enters onto the property. You will find that an electric fence is the best security investment that you have ever made.

An Electric Security Fence is designed to keep out predators, thieves, trespassers, vandals and disease. If you also employ security guards, they will complement the security that is provided by a well-designed high voltage electric fence.

An electric fence design to keep livestock penned in (or out) is no different. A simple wire or tape around the pasture or livestock enclosure is only done for a temporary enclosure. A more permanent enclosure requires the same design considerations as you would for security. Security for your expensive livestock should be a prime consideration.

An Electric Security Fence is designed to protect property, livestock, production, manufacturing, and lives. Every situation is different, but there are also some considerations that are the same, no matter who, what, or where. The components of the system shall be installed and mounted inside a metallic enclosure and very near to the fence and LOCKED out of reach from unauthorized people.


  • Energizer
  • Fence Voltage Alarm (Inbuilt in Energizer)
  • Battery (Reputed make)
  • Charger
  • Lighting Diverter

Other Components: The Critical components used will be of good quality confirming to the general standards of each item will be supplied by us. Specific details of some of the Critical components are:

  • Insulator
  • Permanent Wire Tightner
  • Earth System
  • Fence wire
  • Joining clamps
  • Warning signboards
  • Lead out cable or Double Insulated cable
  • Fence Posts

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