Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are the emerging solution for distributed power in residential and commercial establishments. Solar rooftops are the ideal solution for providing clean, green and inexhaustible energy which reduces the use of fossils fuels.

Samaarambh provides solutions for customers ranging from 1KWp to 5MWp, in accordance with individual requirements.

Net Metering

Net metering is an agreement that allows the solar PV system owner to sell excess solar energy to the utility company or buy deficit energy from the utility company using a meter to track this energy exchange.

How Does It Work?

    • Saves power from government utility grids
    • Provides clean and continuous supply of electricity
    • Saves your energy expenditure

Benefits of Net-Metering 

It eliminates the need for costly batteries, thereby reduces the cost of solar and enable the use of solar power.

Is Net Metering Offered in My State?

Net-metering needs permission from your electricity board.  Most of the states in India offer net-metering. For specific net-meter rules in your state, please refer to our blogs on net-metering by state.




We offer a collection of benefits to our clients that ranges from design, development, and operations. The major sections of the delivery process where Samaarambh Experts can add value are Micro-siting, Grid Connection, HV/ Substation creation, Electrical (Reticulation), Foundations and Project Scheduling. We also offer end-to-end solutions in select geographies whenever required.


  • Saves power from government utility grids
  • Provides clean and continuous supply of electricity





Samaarambh Rooftop provides customized solutions for Industries, institutes, hotels, hospitals and other commercial customers. By implementing sustainable solar power solutions you can reduce carbon footprint while making clean and green energy from their roofs.

How Does It Work?

  • Saves power from government utility grids
  • Provides clean and continuous supply of electricity
  • Saves your energy expenditure



System upgrade is not so easy with other traditional systems due to panel mismatch complications. Means, in a solar panel array of a traditional system, requires a similar type of panels to perform the system properly. If the panels are not similar (new and old) then the performances will drop due to panel mismatch reasons.
However, with Samaarambh Power Optimizer Technology, a system upgrade is easier than ever because each panel works independently to other panels. Therefore no panel mismatch complications.
So why invest unnecessarily..? Invest when you really need it.
Just call us for professional consultations before you invest in your solar system upgrade.



After-sales service does not focus solely on a product’s technical ability to function, but also on customer satisfaction. Many employees in solar businesses are primarily technicians who are capable of selling products and installing them. They speak, think, and argue in technical categories. Customer-oriented thinking is foreign to them. But at Samaarambh Solar Power we do have a big team of B.Tech Engineers who are much capable of giving you an appropriate solution, advice as well. Our experiences make us different from all others.


Many people today have expectations of solar technology that are often not possible to fulfill:
For Example, a simple solar lamp is meant to not only additionally charge a mobile phone, but also supply a radio or even better yet, small television with power. And, if possible,
do so twenty-four hours a day. No one would expect that of a mobile phone, but many technical laypeople expect solar technologies to be super products. Most products used in daily life require no special explanation: their benefits and disadvantages are obvious. With solar facilities,
it is different: only very few people have been able to gather experience with this technology or have observed from others, how it works. They do not know what care the product demands or when it has reached its limits. Thus, Samaarambh Solar Power keeps the thing in mind that customer’s training is also a must to let him know how to care for and deal with the product as a whole.


Quick and reliable repair of technical deficiencies is a mark of quality for every business. A requirement for this, however, is that the employees are in a position to offer such after-sales service through the availability of replacement parts. Frustration is preprogrammed when replacement parts are available in the capital only, which means that week’s pass by until they reach the customer out in the countryside. Professional personnel must be stationed close to the customers and must have available an appropriately furnished repair workshop with replacement parts. Samaarambh Solar Power always cares that our customers are not left alone with their technical problems.


Only when solar technology fulfills customers’ expectations day in and day out, are they satisfied with their investment? And only then can an emotional bond to the supplier gradually develop. The customer bond then turns into customer loyalty. Our organizations place value in good after-sales management experience. Our customers try to maintain the relationship with us even when a different supplier makes a seemingly less expensive offer to them, this is just because of our loyal service to our customers. They know that they have a reliable partner with their suppliers, someone who is capable of caring for them and providing them proper guidance, services, and value.

If you have thought about going solar and exploring options to finance, you would have come across:

1. CAPEX model

2. OPEX/PPA model

What are these models? What benefits do they offer? We have explained them in this blog.

The two models are methods of financing a solar panel system. Installers offer the two models depending upon the needs of customers.


CAPEX stands for Capital Expenditure. In this type of financing model, all the equipment, design, installation as well as commissioning costs are paid up-front by the customer. The customer either chooses to operate and maintain plant on his own or hire a third party for yearly free.

Within CAPEX, Customer can finance the solar power plant in two ways:

1. Upfront cash
2. A mix of loan and cash.

Banks offer up to 70-80% of solar plant cost as a loan. Some of the banks offering solar finance in India are SBI, IDBI, Punjab National Bank, Yes Bank, etc.

Benefits of CAPEX

In terms of benefits, Customer enjoys all the benefits from the installation of a solar power plant. Benefits come in two ways:

1. Savings in electricity bills
2. Tax benefits from Accelerated Depreciation.

The payback period on investment ranges between 2-4 years in CAPEX model; while Return on Investment (RoI) is generally in the higher 20’s (25-30%).  Want to know if CAPEX fits your needs? What will be the cost associated with your project? Contact Prodah Solutions to get a detailed solar quotation now.


OPEX model is also called a third-party ownership model where the consumers only provide the premises for the solar plant whereas the plant is owned and operated by the installer companies or the investors.

Customer pays monthly fees at a discount of existing electricity bills for an agreed period. Length of agreement varies from 10-25 years. The discounts offered are generally about 20% of the existing bill. However, the actual discount depends on case to case.

Benefits of OPEX

The model frees capital for the customer to invest in other areas. At the same, it gives access to low-cost power and savings in the electricity bill. While investor gains benefit in the form of Return on Investment.


PPA stands for Power Purchase Agreement, this is the standard agreement made between a customer and the installer of the solar power plant in the OPEX model.

Major terms of PPA are:

A) Electricity prices or Per unit charge
B) Agreement period
C) An escalation in electricity price, if any
D) Guarantees on generation etc.






EPC in the solar industry is more sophisticated as the solar installation is a long term investment. It incorporates:

Detailed Engineering Design of Solar Plant

This includes the client’s requirement analysis, site survey, weather monitoring, structural design, power generation capacity determination, selection of equipment, engineering design, and 3D modeling of the proposed solar power plant.

    • Saves power from government utility grids
    • Provides clean and continuous supply of electricity
    • Saves your energy expenditure

Procurement of Equipment 

Solar EPC companies like Insolergy Technologies procure equipment and parts required for solar PV plant from local and global manufacturers, freeing the client from the hassle of finding the right supplier.

Solar Plant Construction

The solar power plant construction activity involves mounting solar PV panels, accessories, grid / off-grid connectivity along with solar implementation to the client’s existing power supply system.
In the solar energy industry, the term EPC often overlaps with ‘turnkey’, which means a complete range of solutions from liaising / government approvals to the final commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the solar plant.




Safty Concern

The objective is a Safty Concern is to reduce human injury and damage to property and environment in an emergency. It also specifies those staff members who may put the plan into action. The objective identifies clearly who these staff members are since the normal chain of command cannot always be available on short notice. At least one of them
must be on the site at all times when the premises are occupied. The extent of the authority of this person must be indicated.


One individual should be appointed and trained to act as Emergency Co-ordinator as well as a “back-up” co-ordinator. However, personnel on-site during an emergency is key in ensuring that prompt and efficient action is taken to minimize loss. In some cases, it may be possible to recall off-duty employees to help, but the critical initial decisions usually must be made immediately. Specific duties, responsibilities, authority, and resources must be clearly defined. Among the responsibilities that must be assigned are:

  • Saves power from government utility grids
  • Provides clean and continuous supply of electricity
  • Saves your energy expenditure
  • Reporting the emergency.
  • Activating the emergency plan.
  • Assuming overall command.
  • Establishing communication.
  • Alerting staff.
  • Ordering evacuation.
  • Alerting external agencies.
  • Confirming evacuation is complete.
  • Alerting outside population of possible risk.
  • Requesting external aid.
  • Coordinating activities of various groups.
  • Advising relatives of casualties.
  • Providing medical aid.
  • Ensuring emergency shut-offs are closed.
  •  Sounding the all-clear.
  • Advising the media.

Many factors determine what procedures are needed in an emergency, such as:

  • Nature of emergency.
  •  Degree of emergency.
  • Size of the organization.
  • Capabilities of the organization in an emergency situation.
  • The immediacy of outside aid.
  • The physical layout of the premises.




Solar Open Access

Are you a corporate with a high demand for electricity? Or looking to reduce your electricity bills? We provide the solution you seek.

How Open Access Works?

A long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is signed between the power consumer (off-taker) and solar power project owned by Samaarambh.
The entire project is developed, constructed, and financed by Rays. Only in the captive model as per required regulations, the power off-taker is also required to invest in equity.
The power is generated and sold to the off-taker under open access route at a pre-determined tariff.
With the help of real-time analytics and remote monitoring systems, Samaarambh is able to ensure optimum generation without any power interruptions.
Clients pay for only the units they have consumed, ensuring savings from Day 1 of the operations.

    • Saves power from government utility grids
    • Provides clean and continuous supply of electricity
    • Saves your energy expenditure

Solar Maintenance Services from Samaarambh Solar Power

System owners often ask us “how do I maintain my solar panels to ensure maximum electricity production?” As with any revenue-generating asset, solar owners should always be looking for ways to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs. To that end, keeping your solar panels at peak efficiency ensures maximum return on investment. Solar panels that are properly maintained can last for many years. Samaarambh Solar provides solar service, solar maintenance, operations and maintenance, solar asset management, distributed energy asset management, battery backup, and off-grid O&M services. For instance, our portfolio of distributed generation assets produces energy at an average of 95%-99% of expected production.

What does it mean exactly O&M? 

It simply means Operations and Maintenance, but this abbreviation includes all the services that ensure maximum efficiency and maintenance for your photo voltaic system.

Provides clean and continuous supply of electricity Samaarambh Solar Power offer monitoring services seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, give you a detailed monthly report with a summary of the plant production together with the main technical parameters or planning maintenance activities like electrical and mechanical checks and panel cleaning according to your budget.

Another important aspect is the Corrective maintenance.

It comprises all of the activities regarding the repair, rehabilitation and restoration of the entire photo voltaic plant’s operation.

Last but not least, it’s very important to be able to count on a partner who guarantees timeliness in interventions and replacing stuff.

What Samaarambh Solar power Offered ?

Samaarambh Solar Power can assure an average response time of the intervention by their technical staff within 3 hours from the time the problem is reported and can provide coverage for all components of the photovoltaic plant, ensuring the supply of the material quickly and reliably.

So, the maintenance of a photovoltaic plant is essential to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency but this is possible only thanks to an O&M operator with a solid, reputable and professional organization.