Installation & Commissioning


Installation & Commissioning

Samaarambh Solar Power offers installation and commissioning services for solar power plants, Roof Top and solar water pumping systems. We are pooled with resources of trained qualified technician and engineers with experience of more than a MWp of solar PV installation. The services are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients based on rich experience and we are supported by our strategic partners in India and abroad for Technical knowledge and guidance.

Quality Assurance

Our installation and commissioning services conform to international electrical standards and codes. Hence, systems installed, maintained and operated by us give optimum energy output in the safest possible ways and gives the longest system life.

Solar Installation and Commission
Solar Installation and Commission

The success of a photovoltaic installation is measured by three factors:

  • Maximum return on financial investment.
  • Optimum conversion of solar energy to electricity
  • Safe operation throughout the lifetime of the operation
  • For a Solar PV Installer to deliver effective solutions, the system must be designed and installed to standards which comply with international, national or state regulation requirements. The only way to do this is to rigorously test and documents the results at the initial installation stage and also on periodic basis, to ensure the system is still working effectively and efficiently

Installation Processes

  • Verification of the correct arrival of the equipment. Please ensure that the box contains all the materials mentioned in the packing list. If any item is missing or damaged please contact supplier immediately.
  • Supervision of structure assembly and inter wiring of the solar array on the pre prepared concrete foundations.
  • Installation of the Earthing protection, Lightning Arrestors, DC and AC distribution boards and Inverters.
  • Inter cabling between solar array source circuit to the inverters output circuits.
  • Inter-connection with the utility grid, installation of bidirectional meter
  • Testing and commissioning of the solar system


Is the process of assuring that all systems and components of a plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner or final client.

Commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed PV systems. The process ensures that systems are safe and high performing. It encourages integrators to be responsible for their installations and facilitates project closeout and prompt payment. Successful commissioning leads to satisfied installers, employers and system owners. Satisfied customers become repeat customers and lead to new clients. Seen in this light, commissioning is essential to the growth of the PV industry and to the overarching goal of installing more renewable energy systems.

Solar Installation and Commission

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